The Newly Wades

…sort of. I say sort of because Josh and I going on our tenth year of being love birds…oh those high school days…and our 5th year of marriage which is coming up in August. So I guess you could say we are not so “newly” anymore, but what the heck. We will go with it.

So, want to hear our mushy love story in a nutshell?

We’ve learned that it’s God first and each other second.

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after 9 years together we decided we wanted something new to look at…so we made a baby.

and after a very loooooong nine months we have,

The Coopster!

our pride and joy…we are as you would expect any first time parents to be, completely obsessed with our baby and with no apologies. This little piece of the world-wide web is quickly turning into our “Cooper Recap” because we don’t want to forget a thing.

We 100% believe that Cooper was our gift from God, and we are so honored and blessed that he will call us mom and dad.

As first time parents, I doubt we get a lot right the first time around, but we recognize we are on a grand adventure and love discovering parenthood with Coop. He teaches us so many things every day.


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My Hunk

My husband is an endurance athlete. Basically he is a maniac who runs and does crazy distances and I envy his hard work and dedication. I wish I loved running as much as he did. My brag book is growing  and you will hear lots of updates as he continues pursuing this world of sports (mostly in the summer)…I on the other hand will be shooting from the sidelines and entertaining our little squirt.

Also, he makes me laugh. A lot.


Pleased to introduce the little ankle biters…

I write about these little boogers often … before I was Cooper’s momma I was a doggie momma. Bailey Wade has been our little buddy for a long time. She partied along side us through our college days, and then Ozzy came along shortly after we married. We love these little turds so much. They are very entertaining to say the least, and do not doubt that they are among some of the most spoiled pooches around.

Baily Wade (right) and Oswald Copperpot, a.k.a. Ozzy, (left).

One of their MOST favorite things to do in the whole wide doggie world is stick their heads out the window when we turn down my in-laws road…Bailey, because she knows she is gets to play with her B.A.L.L (we have to spell around her), and Ozzy follows suit because he thinks whatever Bailey does is the shiz-nit.


Bailey was the queen-bee (she still wears this title) and only child for two years. Needless to say she didn’t give Oswald the warmest welcome when we brought him home a couple of years ago…I think they’ve worked things out over the years.

_DSC0067 (2)editedlogstampedconfessions

Sweet Bailey loves to perch on her squirrel stand. She is ready to attack at any given time and thoroughly enjoys scaring the guts out of little rodents any chance she gets…


I’m sure that many of you will be asking yourself how this little guy kept his “ticket-to-stay” at the Wade house after reading stories about what this eight pound terror is capable of masterminding… my reply to you are those big brown eyes.

Then there is me…

Josh is my soul mate. I am sure of this.

I went to the University of Tennessee Knoxville, GO VOLS, where I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in nursing. After getting my feet wet in the field for a couple of years I’ve decided to go back to graduate school. Yay!!! I am so excited for this opportunity. To be completely honest, I am just down right proud of myself for going back. It is something I always saw myself doing going into the field, and I am thrilled that I will see myself through to my final goal.

2013 was a really big year for us! Really big! We became parents. OH! PARENTS! To a sweet little boy we named Cooper. After spending two weeks at home with him on maternity leave I decided I wanted to stay with him as long as I possibly could before going back to school. Sooooo, I turned in my notice and before I knew it I became a stay at home momma. I am soaking it up because I highly doubt I will have the opportunity to do this with any future children. I can HONESTLY say that I am busier staying at home with this baby than I EVER was at work. It is a non-stop job.

That’s not the whole me, but I think that’s enough. Scroll down to see the nerd that I am and the ring of dirt I collected on my dress the lovely day I married my hunk. It’s not an East Tennessee wedding without a little mud and fireworks…


The Newly Wades like to kiss, okay. Get over it or don’t read. : )DSC_0382C_DSC0778 copy _DSC0768 copy copy _DSC0838 copy

Thanks so much for visiting the blog. My hope is that you all become frequent flyers!

Feel free to leave your comments and blog love…I enjoy hearing from awesome people like yourselves!

4 Responses to “The Newly Wades”
  1. Sasha says:

    Love your fun story and happy family! 😃

  2. Molly says:

    You are so neat and interesting. period. the end. I love you best frand!!!

  3. Cyndy says:

    I love this, Ashley! You two AND the puppies!

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